Featured Spice: Chinese Five Spice

featured spice: chinese five-spice

Featured Spice: Chinese Five Spice

This unexpected spice blend brings an alluring asian flavor to your BBQ and Grilling recipes. Our Chinese Five Spice contains star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and szechuan pepper. Try some today!

grilled scallops
Recipe: Five Spice Grilled Scallops
grilled corn w/ five spice
Recipe: Grilled Corn w/ Five Spice
five spice chicken
Recipe: Five Spice Grilled Chicken w/ Hoisin Glaze

BBQ Ready?

are you ready to BBQ?

Are you READY for Summer BBQ?

We are! That’s right its BBQ time. And as the Memorial Day weekend approaches it’s time to make sure you have everything for your grill’en needs. BBQ? Check! Charcoal? Check! Food? Check! Grilling Spices? NO!?! 

Well Chef Cherie is here for all your BBQ spice needs. Rubs? Check! Spice Blends? Check! BBQ Blends? Check! Check! Check! 

 And to get you started right. Here are some grilling recipes featuring some of our favorite spices – Five-Spice & Berber Spice Blend. Continue reading BBQ Ready?

Sweet & Peppercorn Spicy Desserts!


Sweet & Peppercorn Spicy Desserts!

Peppercorn has been flavoring food since, well, forever. But have you considered adding the heat of peppercorn to your favorite desserts? Sweetness with a bite? Not as crazy as it sounds! 

Pink Peppercorn is one of the most popular peppercorns used in desserts. With a delicately sweet spicy flavor, Pink Peppercorn makes an enticing addition to baked goods and desserts.

Recipes + more Continue reading Sweet & Peppercorn Spicy Desserts!